Vaser Liposuction Thailand

Vaser Liposuction Thailand – Suitable Process for Fat People!

Many surgeons are manage to draw much profit through the Vaser liposuction in Thaialnd procedure because it is a new and alternative process come for the traditional and old method of liposuction. The new method of the liposuction can produce less damage and does not have any side effects like excess pain, swelling at the time of compared with the traditional or conventional methods.

What is the procedure of Vaser liposuction in Thailand?

The procedure of liposuction is suitable process for fats body where patients can feel pain forever. Through this procedure, the surgeons can inject the general anesthesia with advance technology. The liposuction technology uses ultrasonic energy to tear the fat cells with sound wave. This process is applying in every part of body.   VASER (Vibrasion Amplification Sound Energy at Resonance) is the newer technologies that is applied to the conventional mechanical liposuction, in order to achieve the superior results & safety. VASER, just means that the liposuction cannula is powered with the ultrasound energy at a tip.

Conventional liposuction also involves the introduction of the hollow metal tip cannulas with the side holes (that is similar to the straw) in fatty layer under skin by small cuts, under the anaesthesia. Cannula is then attached by tubing to the negative pressure liposuction. While surgeon moves cannula back & forth in fatty layer, then it breaks by softer fatty tissue causing less damage to the tougher surrounding tissues called blood vessels, nerves as well as fibrous connective tissue. Usually, fat is loosened before liposuction just by injecting the tumescent fluid that helps to shrink the blood vessels and reducing the blood loss. Limitation of the conventional liposuction is the blood loss that is significant while larger than 5 to 7 percent of the body fat is aspirated in single sitting. In addition it gets tiring for surgeon to take away larger amounts of the fat from tougher areas such as back, male chest & abdomen.

VASER liposuction is the 3rd generation assisted liposuction technique and after injection of the tumescent solution special titanium VASER cannulas with the grooved tip, is been introduced in fatty layer by small cuts in skin & surgeon moves cannula gently back forth delivering the ultrasound energy to tissue. The ultrasound selectively breaks fat cells without even causing collateral damage for the blood vessels, nerves, skin, and fibrous tissue. For this reason, it is named VASER liposuction. After fat is liquefied with the VASER energy, it is then suctioned out with the hollow cannulas.

More fat is removed by the vaser liposuction in Thailand, with the minimal blood loss that is leading to the faster recovery

Vaser liposelection also helps the surgeon to perform the larger procedures with very less liposuction