What is arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction process is using to remove the fat from the arm and solder are of the patient’s body. Due to the liposuction fat removing process the surgeon can remove the unnecessary fat with the help of high-end surgical tools.

Appropriate Patient

Not each person is a good candidate. However, for the appropriate patients, results are gratifying l Liposuction of arms is exclusively the procedure for the women. Exercise of arms doesn’t reduce the volume of the fat that is located on arms. Most of the women don’t want the arms, which appear muscular and masculine. The heavy, bulky arm that gives the appearance of the obesity, thinner arm that helps to give the appearance of thinner body.

Skin Excision

The older liposuction techniques will often include additional excision of the skin from the inner side of the arm resulting from unsightly scars. With the tumescent liposuction of arms making use of microcannulas, excision of the skin is not essential. Microcannula liposuction of the female arms very easily & consistently yields results, which are proportioned & without any visible surgical scars.

Cosmetic Goals

Aesthetic aim of the arm liposuction is for woman feeling attractive in the social situations whereas wearing short sleeve clothes. Typical social activities that involve standing and walking, sedately sitting at the table when eating and drinking, and seated at a desk writing, typing, and conversing on the telephone. The goal of the arm liposuction is improving the disproportionate appearance of arm, whereas maintaining the quality of the female beauty, to allow the patient to feel comfortable as well as less self-conscious while wearing a sleeveless blouse, to attain the thinner appearance of arms when arms are in relaxed, and dependent position and alongside the torso. The goal is not removing the maximum possible fat. And arms, which are skinny disproportionately with the otherwise obese body may look deformed instead very attractive.

Hanging Skin

The pendulous drooping flap of skin hanging from fat arm while it is been held in horizontal position eliminated by the tumescent liposuction making use of microcannulas. It is not enough to do the liposuction on the back of the arm. The guiding principle in the liposuction of arms is a concept to remove the weight of subcutaneous fat from around 75 percent and more of arm’s circumference.

How does arm liposuction work?

The surgeons that developed a marvelous little device named cannula and this is a hollow, and long steel tube, which is well connected to powerful suction motor.  A small incision is made & cannula, generally no over three millimeters in the diameter, is been inserted in incision where that removes tunnels of the fatty tissue since it is been manipulated by the surgeon.  As the cannula is removed, the localized tunnels collapse within on themselves and adding to slimmer appearance.  It is great tool to sculpt physique & lots of patients note marked reduction in the cellulite after the procedure.  You may have the lipoplasty done to minimize flabby neck, and on the upper arms reduce ‘chicken wings’ look, which happens in the older women and women who carry the excess weight.  Lipoplasty is a great method to contour & reshape breasts & work miracles on the abdominal area.

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arm liposuction before and after