What is chin augmentation?

These days, people seem to be more curious about their facial look. They simply want to make some necessary adjustments as well as changes so that some portion of their face can be made better. Chin augmentation is also known as the mandibular augmentation, which is a surgical process that can be performed with the help of the sterile synthetics. In order to accomplish such procedure, surgeons can even take help of the biological implants so that a better position or a balanced chin can be achieved.

Chin Augmentation

What are the benefits of chin implants?

This sort of surgical procedure can often make the chin look balanced and in this way it can certainly enhance your facial appearance to a great extent!

What are the chin implants been made from?

Chin implants are all made of rubbery, soft, flexible material like solid silicone, which is been inserted by small incision in your chin. Material is biocompatible, it means your body cannot react adversely to that.

What does typical chin augmentation consultation will entail?

During the surgical consultation for the chin augmentation, you must discuss reasons that you are very much interested in chin augmentation, and your aims. Surgeon can then explain what are e achieved realistically with the chin augmentation. He and she can take in account the facial dimensions & shape, as well as make the recommendations about type, size as well as placement of chin implant. Surgeon can as well go over risks of the chin augmentation surgery, and what you may expect during the recovery, and cost of a procedure.

How is the chin augmentation surgery done?

Chin augmentation operation is generally done by using the light sleep anesthesia and, in case, combined with some other procedures, that is general anesthesia. The procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours to perform. Incisions are placed as inconspicuously, either inside mouth or else under chin. Implant is screwed in jawbone to attach that firmly & permanently.

What is the sliding genioplasty?

The sliding genioplasty, or else chin advancement, is the surgical methods that entails cutting piece of the bone from lower jaw, sliding that forward & reattaching that jawbone. Incision for sliding genioplasty that is made within lip.

What I must expect postoperatively?

Immediately following chin augmentation surgery that you might feel a few mild and moderate discomfort that must get controlled with the prescription painkillers from the surgeon and approved over counter painkillers.