Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction surgery?

This surgery is also known as mammaplasty, which is the procedure that helps to reduce the size of the breast as well as place it in the perfect shape. It is a kind of plastic surgery that helps the women; those are suffering from many critical problems and physical discomforts due to their larger breasts.  This surgery is not only reducing the size of the breast but also offering great relief from a number of problems like shortness of breath, back and neck pain, infection, poor posture, and also not selecting their suitable dress due to their odd shape.  The risk factors are mostly there with every surgery. This surgery also has some risk like nerve damage, scarring, blood clots, and loss of sensation due to anesthesia many other minimal problems stand for some days. There are many advanced techniques helping the surgeon to solve the problem in quick time without any major complications.

Are there any indications for Breast Reduction surgery?

Undeveloped breast tissue, planning to breastfeed, severe diabetes, smoking, coronary attack, anticoagulant medication or steroid are a few of contraindications for the Breast Reduction surgery.

What are the results of the Breast reduction surgery?

The breast reduction surgery has 98% of success rate, mainly patients are very pleased after undergoing Breast reduction surgery. The procedure is very successful in reducing the weight of heavy breasts and making it simpler to enjoy an active lifestyle. Lots of women find this surgery relieves the chronic back, neck as well as shoulder pain. The primary advantage of operation is functional, however, you get the breast lift that enhances the appearance & improves body image.

How is the Breast reduction surgery done? Where is the incision for the breast reduction surgery made? And what about the scars after the breast reduction surgery?

Incisions for breast reduction are much similar to the one used for the “keyhole anchor breast lift” method. The procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision, which circles an areola, and extends downward, as well as follows the natural curve of the crease beneath your breast. The excess glandular tissue, skin and fat, are removed, and nipple & areola are then moved in the new position. Surgeon after that brings your skin from both the sides of the breast down & around an areola, shaping the new contour of the breast.