Breast Augmentation

These days, most of the women want to look more and more beautiful. In this regard, technology is also helping them a lot. Now day’s different types of surgeries are available in the market that a woman can follow to enhance her beauty factor. If you will look from the global perspective, then you can find it’s the breast augmentation that has managed to draw more acceptance ratio across the globe. Breast is the most beautiful as well as a sensitive part of a woman. Enhancing its beauty can surely add more good reasons as well as a response to your overall beauty. If you are having small breasts and that is exactly making you more awkward at the parties and social functions, then its time to opt for breast augmentation.

It’s the process that comprises of surgery and the patient will surely receive anticipated results. It’s the process where the implants will be used to enhance the size of the breasts. This is a kind of cosmetic surgery and it is also known as the augmentation mammoplasty. Breast enlargement is the procedure that can make you feel more confident about your lifestyle and now you can move for any party or social events with confidence as your breasts will now start to draw more attention from others. When you are opting for breast augmentation, never assume that such a surgical process will be applied to your breasts to boost the overall figure. This kind of cosmetic surgery will be implemented after the mastectomy to reshape the breasts. This is all done to enlarge the underdeveloped breast and breast, which become small & loose after the childbirth. The silicone or else saline implant is been placed behind the muscle of the breast tissue. The implant is then placed through an incision in the axilla, below breast or areola (the dark skin around the nipple), generally leaving behind not any evident telltale signs. Breast augmentation is performed balancing the difference in your breast size, improve your body contour or else as a post-surgery reconstructive method. The silicone shells filled with the saline solution are been implanted directly under the breast tissue and beneath chest wall muscle and giving breasts fuller & more natural contour.

Methods for inserting & positioning implants will depend on the patient’s anatomy & doctor recommendations. The incisions are all made in as subtle an area possible – generally the armpit, over the areola (that is nipple area), or under the breast itself to minimize the visible scarring. Working by these incisions, the doctor lifts your breast tissue & inserts the implant. It is after that, centered beneath the nipple, and either under and above the pectoral muscle. The breast augmentation is available for more than 40 years. With this said, surgical techniques & breast implants themselves are all continuously refined, and increasing safety & reliability of the procedure. Breast augmentation will make breasts fuller & enhance the shape.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is advancing the fat removing process relief the patients from large size breast problems. In most cases, excess fat is store in the breast area, so the women will feel uncomfortable only for their odd shape.

Type of breast augmentation

How about the safety of silicone implants?

“Also, there are not any evidence silicone implants are all responsible for major diseases of the whole body. The women are also exposed to silicone constantly in their daily lives.”

From the Institute of Medicine

Actually, the special studies also have shown that the silicone looks at a higher level in the cow’s milk as well as commercially accessible infant formula, which in women breastfeeding with the silicone implants.

Is there a relationship between the occurrence of breast cancer & breast implants?

The extensive research & studies have also proven this is no concern for the humans.

When I get mammography, can breast implants affect it?

There is possibility that breast implants might interfere with detection of the breast cancer during the mammogram, and might make it difficult. Before mammography, women with breast implants must tell the technologist in case, they have breast implants. And women, with and without the breast implants, must discuss with the doctor in case, any of the family histories of breast cancer exists.

Can I get a silicone allergy?

The allergies will develop to about any substance. Luckily, the silicone allergies are very rare, and despite being exposed to every day in the environment (in the household, beauty care, as well as edible products). Thus, allergy to silicone will develop without the existence of silicone breast implants.

On average, how long does a breast implant last?

The breast implants don’t last for lifetime and replacement is needed at the time, however, depends on type of the breast implant and woman. From some years to a couple of decades, replacement is required because of deflation, and shifting, however, will be a personal choice. Few women might desire different contour and change in breast size.

After breast augmentation surgery, and how long I should wait before I may start exercising & doing the strenuous activities once again?

It is good to listen to the advice of doctor and recovery depends on every woman, however on an average, resuming the full activities happens in 4 to 6 weeks. Also, check with the doctor to see in case, in it is fine to work again before you begin.

What is the perfect time for breast augmentation recovery?

breast augmentation results in fast improvement of the shape and most of the swelling goes down in some days however part of the result is from the contraction of the tissue, which is treated. Though my patients see a dramatic improvement in 7 to 14 days, and it can take 3 – 4 months to see changes in the contour.