Cheek Augmentation Thailand

Cheek Augmentation Thailand impress Your Dear with Attractive Facial Look

Why the cheek augmentation process performed and why cheek augmentation in Thailand ?

In most of the cases the process takes one to two hours and it’s depending on surgeon skill. The cheek augmentation procedure is performed on jaw are of face.  This produce performed under the general anesthesia to relief patients from painful process, and the surgeon make two incision interior mouths between the upper gums with the cheek. After that the surgeon can make a small pocket size hole over cheek bones, and then they implant the incisions and slides into place. On the last stage the incisions are closed with sutures and a compression bandage is applied. In case of cheek augmentation in Thailand surgical procedure that aims on the upper cheek bone area which is very important in determining the frame of the face.

Slack, thin and flat cheeks reduce aesthetic appeal of face and lack of the skin tone will result in formation of the wrinkles & fine lines that are misinterpreted by a few as signs of the aging. The plastic surgeons who generally specializes in treating case specific state have right solution to harassing problem, cheek augmentation. Cheek augmentation improves the facial look by giving face better volume & definition. Also, it is delicate cosmetic procedure that needs immense skill on the behalf of performing plastic surgeon. Also, in US alone, many people—particularly women–undergo the cosmetic procedure each year. Improved techniques & superior medical standards to operate make sure the quality results with very little and no cause for the complaints.

People interested in undergoing the cheek augmentation have 2 choices –fat grafting known as the fat transfer, as well as implants. Patients who generally opt for the fat grafting see some noticeable difference in general shape of the face. Fat is been harvested from patient’s own body & injected to add required mass for supple cheeks and smooth. Only drawback of procedure is results are not at all always permanent. Fat might get absorbed by body. However one may see the long lasting results in case, treatment is carried successfully by plastic surgeon with care & attention.

The cheek implants balance facial appearance and there are various kinds of the implants available – synthetic & non-synthetic. Implants are selected as per individual needs of patient. The procedure has come very long way & is far safer with the minimal chances of complications and risk. Results look natural & are permanent. The cheek augmentation improves facial appearance and now this cosmetic surgery become very common that the plastic surgeons carry procedure on the outpatient basis. The patients recover fast & return to routine lifestyle with the new confidence.

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