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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a surgical procedure that helps to remove the compact fat and recognizes the area where the surgery is required. It is basically such a surgery, which may take place at the upper arms, hips, thighs and other areas. These procedures are helping to the surgeon while trying to judge the specific area where the fats are stored. It is always required to remove the unwanted fats from the body.
There is not anything mystical and special about "cellulite", and it is fat, however it is a fat that is located just under your skin, and making the rippled look, which is very apparent. The liposuction removes a few of the cellulite fat, however it is also very difficult to eliminate totally. The weight loss by dieting is best way. At times, these skin irregularities will become noticeable after the liposuction.
Basically, all liposuction methods have in common that the thin surgical instrument is been used to loosen and disrupt fat cells in an area, and then applied suction removes fat. Many years ago, variation was developed, named "tumescent" technique that involves first injecting large volume of the salt water in fat.
There are numerous options to suit people with different needs and cosmetic aims. The three main issues are convenience, aesthetics and cost or sometimes a combination of all. The types of facelift include the endoscopic face lift, the lower face lift, mini weekend face lift, the mid face lift and various other factors that go into a facelift. Ask you experienced physician what is best for you.